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When its quality and consistency you need, call CST Studio.

Mold Texturing

Texturing plays an all-important role in product appeal. And nowhere is the commitment to the quality of your molded finish stronger than at Complete Surface Technologies. CST has the people, facilities, and experience necessary to assure the highest quality texturing service.

OEM's include automotive, white goods, consumer products, and the toy industry.  A key to the success of our texturing operations is the high level of consistency from part to part necessary in multi-tool programs.

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Pattern Development Studio

Choose from a wide variety of existing grains or create your own. CST will meet your surface aesthetic needs.

Whether you are looking for a tactile feel, need a grain that cleans easy, want to give your product a more rugged look or want the look of wood, let our Design Technicians offer ideas to enhance your product.

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Mold Texture Repair

You're running just-in-time production when suddenly the mold seizes, an ejector pin breaks, the mold closes, and problems ensue. What do you do?

Call CST Studio. CST technicians pioneered the process of texture repair service, both in-house and on-site. Your mold will be back in production with minimum downtime. CST's skilled technicians will remove the damaged texture, blend in the new texture, and re-gloss the mold to the original appearance, all within a schedule that suits your production demands.

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Benching & Spotting

When service and quality are of prime concern, CST can deliver. From the largest automotive roof liner to the smallest electrical connectors, CST can handle the diverse applications so often found in the ever-widening plastics industry.

CST Studio has spotting capabilities to correct mismatch, re-establish parting lines after welding and to ensure a proper seal off.

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Glossing of molds to create a specific effect has long been a key element to successful product marketing.  CST Studio has developed the processes and techniques necessary to control gloss on the finished product, as illustrated on the wood-grained shutters below.  The green shutter has (left in photo), has a texture depth of .0045". Although the depth of grain on the blue shutter (right in photo) is .0065", or almost 50% deeper, it appears shallower due to the lower gloss level.


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CST's polishing environment assures you of the highest quality mold finishes, up to and including A-2 Finishes.


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